We offer services in all areas of operational and security management and training to meet the needs of high-profile individuals and companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. We have a worldwide presence and extensive experience in the Middle East region of the world. 


The Johnston Group offers the following professional services:


  • Executive and Celebrity Protection
  • Event Planning and Security
  • Asset and Property Protection
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Security Surveys and Risk Assessments
  • Background Investigations and Litigation Support
  • Personal Protection Training and Seminars


Executive / Celebrity Protection


Using tactics developed and employed by the U.S. Secret Service, The Johnston Group protective personnel are deployed for short term and special event protection as well as design and implementing long term residential or business protective programs.  All protection operators are experienced professionals with law enforcement backgrounds and experience or with military special operations experience that uniquely qualifies them for protection assignments.  We provide crucial security elements to every possible setting in which you may find yourself, including recreational settings such as skiing, scuba diving and water sports and equestrian activities.  With our affiliated team of former SEAL Team Six operators, we specialize in Maritime Security Programs for private vessels at sea.



Event Planning and Security


Whether it is Shareholder Meetings, Business Conferences, large and small conventions or other special events, security professionals with U.S. Secret Service experience is the ultimate in Special Event Planning. Logistics and Security. The Johnston Group brings that experience to your function by conducting a survey of security needs, assisting with logistics, identifying potential threats and reducing liability.  Our collective knowledge and experience ensures a professional response to meet your concerns and costly under or overreaction.

Asset and Property Protection

If your concern is the security of tangible or intangible property, as well as security of people occupying your space, The Johnston Group is equipped to provide protection for all types of corporate and private facilities and assets.  Following a thorough evaluation of your situation, The Johnston Group will make recommendations for securing your property through the use of electronic measures to eliminate the risk of personal injury or damage or loss to schools, hospitals, office buildings, sporting venues or industrial/commercial sites.


Corporate Investigations


Whether you have an identified problem, or merely undefined suspicious circumstances, our investigators have the experience to unravel the most complex problems --- embezzlement, simple theft, or elaborate fraud rings operating from within or outside your corporation.  The Johnston Group can place undercover operatives within your organization, or conduct a standard overt investigation or surveillance, depending upon the facts or circumstance.  During any investigation we work as a liaison with law enforcement authorities to achieve a common goal of a successful investigation.


Background Investigations and Litigation Support


Our partner company specializes in providing all types of hard-to-find information discreetly and expeditiously to corporations, law firms and other professionals.  We utilize a wide range of national and international resources for asset searches --- including due diligence, pre-employment and personnel screening, minor and major litigation support, location verification, as well as more closely defined objectives.  In addition, our specialists have the requisite knowledge to help define your needs and meet your information goals.

Ron instructing protection trainees

Personal Protection Training and Seminars


We specialize in Secret Service derived executive protection and facility security training programs to meet the needs of medium and large security programs as well as programs for government agencies.  Past programs for foreign allied governments have provided four to six weeks of personal protection training for select candidates.  Typically, the extended course programs will contain 14 and 28 trainees and will usually be conducted at the client's training location.  However, we will customize any of our programs to fit all of your training needs.


Security Surveys and Risk Assessments


Through a comprehensive evaluation of your existing policies, procedures, facilities and systems, we will identify weaknesses which are, or have the potential to be, a security problem and recommend corrective measures.  Using the latest electronic security technology and innovative design, we will create an environment of safety and security, both for the interior and exterior of your facilities with the goal of a nearly impenetrable veil of protection for your facilities, personnel, and assets.



Security in Unusual Venues


There are risks involved in any environment.  The Johnston Group is uniquely qualified, through experience and training, to provide protection in unusal venues.  Especially those involving maritime, skiiing and equestrian activities.